Monday, March 24, 2008

Monkey Mondays: Whiplash part two

The previous video was a little blurry. I suppose that is due to the tremendous speed of his faithful companion. Here is a better look at Whiplash. In this video he sits still.


Anonymous bamf said...

Okay, with a little detective work, I can now deduce that wherever this magical land is, it ain't Florida.

How do I know, you say??

Well, for one, I'm a teacher, and ain't no student of mine, simian or otherwise, ever brought ME a burrito. (BTW, potato ole's in a burrito? Hmmm...)
But the big giveaway as to why it isn't Florida is that the teacher isn't scr-
{{{Look at basically ANY week of Fark news stories with the Florida tag to see what the teachers down here are handing out on a regular basis. (Hint- it isn't gold stars)}}}

9:49 PM  

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