Friday, April 27, 2007

Ja, Das Hokey Cokey

I found this on Fark today and haven't stopped giggling . Love that Youtube.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

First of May by Jonathan Coulton

I could not wait til the first of May to post a link to this video. It is NSFW unless you have earphones:

That's two fucking posts in one day. For me that is a fucking record.

Fucking Paris Hilton

"Fucking Paris Hilton" is apparently a phase that offends some folks. I am slightly offended at the "Paris Hilton" part of it. I am ashamed that I have been exposed to enough mainstream media to even know who she is. The "fucking" part of the phrase I dig. Sometimes if it were not for the word "fucking", my sentences would be devoid of adjectives - especially when I talk about people who protest art. There's an awful lot of horrible acts going on in this world every God damned day and yet these people think that the best use of their time and energy is to protest a play or movie or art exhibit.

I remember when people protested The Last Temptation of Christ. I remember thinking that they should just shut the fuck up and see another movie instead. This plan would minimize the publicity that the movie would get and help insure that it did not fare as well as it would have against its competition at the box office. After all the quickest way to kill any piece of artistic expression is to not talk about or otherwise draw attention to it. There is a lot of truth to the old axiom about "no such thing as bad publicity".

Anyway, back to "fucking Paris Hilton", I admit that this is a pretty raw phrase and one that doesn't really belong in polite conversation. I can see why teachers and parents would not encourage their young students and children to repeat this phrase in polite conversation and may go out of their way to avoid having these kids hear it; but instead these bozos saw fit to disrupt a performance and engage in vandalism to "protect the children" from hearing another instance of the dreaded word.

Well, fuck that I say. If you have no idea about what I am ranting about check this out:

The artist is Mike Daisey. He did a hell of a job handling the disruption and there is a pretty good follow up on his blog. I may have to buy his book or see some of his shows but you know -I had never heard of the guy until I read about these fuckers walking out and dousing his notes on boingboing earlier this week.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The World Is a Beautiful Place

The world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don't mind happiness
not always being
so very much fun
if you don't mind a touch of hell
now and then
just when everything is fine
because even in heaven
they don't sing
all the time
The world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don't mind some people dying
all the time
or maybe only starving
some of the time
which isn't half bad
if it isn't you
Oh the world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don't much mind
a few dead minds
in the higher places
or a bomb or two
now and then
in your upturned faces
or such other improprieties
as our Name Brand society
is prey to
with its men of distinction
and its men of extinction
and its priests
and other patrolmen
and its various segregations
and congressional investigations
and other constipations
that our fool flesh
is heir to
Yes the world is the best place of all
for a lot of such things as
making the fun scene
and making the love scene
and making the sad scene
and singing low songs and having inspirations
and walking around
looking at everything
and smelling flowers
and goosing statues
and even thinking
and kissing people and
making babies and wearing pants
and waving hats and
and going swimming in rivers
on picnics
in the middle of the summer
and just generally
'living it up' Yes
but then right in the middle of it comes the smiling

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Thanks Larry. Sometimes poetry puts things in perspective.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April Is The Cruelest Month

No shit T.S. Eliot. No shit.

Over 30 kids. Hell, and I thought Brenda Spencer didn’t like Mondays.

Ba-da boom – insert mental rim shot here-

Yes, It is way to soon to soon to make jokes, even the obscure ones. Please forgive me. I think that everyone should work through their grief, anger and loss in best manner that they can and sick humor is how I cope. Usually I have the decency to keep my twisted thoughts to myself but in this case, decency be damned.

The grief and loss experienced by the parents, friends and families of the victims has to be completely overwhelming. My thoughts and prayers- if an agnostic bastard can be allowed to have prayers - are with them.

The mainstream media will continue to report every little detail of the killer’s life that they can dig up. That isn’t going to help anyone get through this experience or understand the motives behind it. I have just found out that he decided to help them by sending a collection of videos and a manifesto to NBC.

Gee, thanks kid. I guess you thought it was the best way to maximize your exposure. Now through the magic of television and the Internet, you can point your guns at the rest of us.

But I can laugh; and one day the survivors can laugh again. One day the parents, friends and families of the slain will laugh again. Once the numbness fades and the media circus leaves town, the survivors will begin to heal and will be “stronger in the broken places” as Hemingway once said.

Maybe in twenty years or so, your name will be almost completely forgotten until a wise ass like myself will make mention of you as a crude joke referencing the latest massacre of the day – but probably not. The Boomtown Rats aren’t likely to record a follow-up.