Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now I'm not even trying....

Until I can think of something good to post enjoy the gorilla.


bamf said...

well, technically you're holding true to your BAMF-imposed one-post-per-month. You say you're not even trying. True, but your choice was somewhat inspired.
1. Not widely circulated on the internet, meaning this was BAMF's first viewing of said video.
2. Drums.
3. Monkeys. An inspired monkey, to be precise.
4. -2 points for an overplayed Phil Collins song. It did work for the video, though. In keeping with an ex-Genesis theme, Shock the Monkey would have worked, too. Not nearly the air-drumming opportunities afforded by In the Air Tonite, though.
5. Videos with robots work well, too.

5:07 PM  
Olaf said...

We all came from monkeys, but some us more recently than others.

2:08 PM  
bamf said...

God made man, but the monkey supplied the glue!!

10:16 PM  

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