Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Daddy Don Garlits Antique Car Museum

This museum is located near Ocala - which means that it is very far away from damn near everything else in this world. This is the place to stop If you want to break up the monotony of driving through North Florida on I-75(monotony is a very polite word to describe the experience of driving on this stretch of Interstate).

The Garlits' compound houses two museums - one for the antique cars and another for the drag racing behemoths that earned Mr Garlits the esteemed title of Big Daddy.

Speaking of behemoths, check out this early dragster from the 1950's:

According to the sign next to this beast, the engine came out of a P-40 Warhawk.

Yes, That P-40 Warhawk!

"Crazy" doesn't begin to describe the people who built and drove this machine.


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