Monday, June 25, 2007

The 80's were no picnic...

They were just like this video:

A hell of an explosion and that's all.
I finally saw We Jam Econo last weekend. It kicks ass and it brought back a ton of memories. I had almost forgotten how much fun The Minutemen were and how shocking the untimely death of D. Boon seemed at the time. He died in an automobile accident right before Christmas in 1985.
It was a cold, wet, depressing winter in Athens GA for me and I still remember standing on the sidewalk in front of Barnetts Newsstand and reading his obituary.
My depression lifted when the weather got warmer and the girls started wearing fewer clothes. D. Boon became a hardcore saint. The minutemen were no more. A random accident did what Ronald Reagan and his fighter plane could not.
I wasn't expecting a whole lot from We Jam Econo - I figured it would be some old footage and the usual D. Boon worship. I was blown away. The Minutemen rocked! The performances have to be seen to be believed. Trust the Babysitter and see this movie.


bamf said...

It's already in my Netflix queue, right behind a couple of X documentaries. Indeed, the Minutemen did some great stuff. Thinking back to your Ramones post and Hendrix speculation, what if D. hadn't died? What would he/they be doing now?

11:47 AM  

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