Friday, May 25, 2007


When rock geeks talk about innovators like Jimi Hendrix, one of them will invariably say:"I wonder what he would be doing with all of this modern technology if he were still alive."

We know exactly what the Ramones would be doing - same chords, same songs, same attitudes, slightly different set list and we would still be going to the shows and loving it. I really miss these guys.


bamf said...

I just finished watching "End of the Century", the Ramones documentary, and it was great. Much I didn't know about the band, and some great footage to boot. Johnny came across as a bit of a prick, but he is what probably kept the band together.
Dee Dee. Oh, Dee Dee. Between the DeeDee King stuff and the very Spinal Tap-like description of their "new" amps ("these go to 11"), his segments were interesting.
They were one of the first real concerts I ever attended (the first being Kiss, which I will never live down), and I saw them many times after that. I miss the Ramones, and I'm bummed that I'll never get to take my son Connor to see them.

Gabba Gabba Hey, indeed.

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