Sunday, May 20, 2007

American Idol vs The Gong Show

American Idol is karaoke for folks who are too lazy to go out and get drunk and see people making asses of themselves in the proper venue - a sleazy nightclub, the type that tries to stay open for more weeknights than it can afford to book real talent. I cant help but to think that the producers of this shit stain of a television show just revel in suckering people into watching these delusional bastards warble unbearable renditions of pop songs, most of which were pretty hideous in their original recordings. It is an artless and shallow show and I fear that its one positive feature is that it reminds us how low our standards have become in both popular music and television programming.

When I was a kid, people pointed to The Gong Show as a sign that American television had become a cultural wasteland. I don't know how many of those stodgy old critics are alive today but surely the ones who aren't are lucky that they missed the American Idol Bon Jovi Night.
Don't get me wrong, The Gong Show was also the entertainment equivalent of watching a train wreck but unlike American Idol there was a wide variety of appalling and questionable talent. And every once in a while, viewers got to see something truly original. Now I don't know my Dada from my MoMA, but check out this 1976 Gong Show winner:


juliedoe said...

I loved the GONG show!
My favorite was the unknown comic and my fave joke of his was....hey, do you know the difference between a shower curtain and a toilet bowl? Gotta love the punch line!!!
also, what's worse than a lobster on your piano?heeheehee
Thanks for the memories! Love your blog!gabba gabba hey

10:16 PM  
bamf said...

What ARE the punch lines?

9:57 PM  
BSOTD said...

Oh, So You're the guy!!!!

Crabs on your organ.

7:12 PM  

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