Monday, March 12, 2007

The Turd that went PING!

I have purchased three laptops from Fry's since last Wednesday. I am not happy about this because I only needed one and would have like to have picked out one that actually worked during my first trip.

The first one was sold to me as a "refurbished model" but when I arrived home I found a slip of paper in the box stating that it was a used laptop which was supposed to be returned to the manufacturer due to a number of problems. One of the problems being that the previous owner had managed to get a PCMCIA card stuck in it. Sure enough - the card was jammed in tight and the laptop failed to complete a reboot after I ran Windows update. It was stuck in an endless cycle of rebooting - of course no OS or repair disk was included so back to Fry's I went.

When the small child saw the box containing the first laptop she inquired as to the contents and I told her it was the machine that goes PING!. It's never too early to start with the Monty Python quotes. She was disappointed to find that it did not, in fact, go ping. I was disappointed because I already had some one-liners about ICMP Echo requests ready for her - never too early for bad computer humor either.

Like a complete dumb ass, I decided that I needed another laptop exactly like the first one with the one exception being that the damned thing actually had to work. Well, this was too much to ask for as soon as I had returned home with the replacement laptop, I encountered the same reboot issue as the first one. So that's two laptops in three days. I don't want to mention the maker of these shit boxes by name but they go by two initials that also indicate my favorite brand of British brown sauce and they once bought out Compaq.

It was on my third trip to Fry's that I decided to go with another brand. So I purchased a Sony Vaio. I have had it three days and my fingers are still crossed.


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