Tuesday, March 20, 2007

BackTrack Linux 2 - Electric Boogaloo

BackTrack Linux 2 is a live linux distribution - which means that it will run on a computer using just the CD rom and the installed RAM - no hard drive necessary. There are a lot of these live distros floating around on the Internet these days but I love this one for a few reasons:
1. Its free to download the ISO file ( That is a reason to love Linux more so than a single distro I know. I just repeat this in hopes of tempting the full time MS users to try it.)
2. Lots of fun and informative tools for exploring networks. Here is a list.
3. It runs on my Sony laptop and found my wireless USB dongle - WITH NO TWEAKING!!! If you have EVER tried to install Linux on a laptop you know that this is a major plus.
4. It uses the KDE desktop and can trace its roots back to Slackware - so you now know where I stand in those holy wars.
5. It is easy to to boot to a desktop and start having fun - even if you have never used Linux before. You may want to avoid some of those tools until you know exactly what they do and you shouldn't use them for evil once you learn how to use them. Some of them can get you into big trouble if you use them on networks where you have no business using them.
BackTrack 2: get it here. learn about it here.
Don't be an asshole with it though. This distro is aimed at folks who are involved in locating and solving network security issues - and they have enough problems.


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