Thursday, January 11, 2007

What I did on my Christmas Vacation...

I spent money I didn't exactly have.
I drove all over the state of Georgia.
I purchased a severed and dying tree then had my family humiliate the forest spirits by adorning it with with shiny objects and blinking lights.
I listened to people sing a song about extorting figgy pudding and refusing to leave the premises until said transaction was completed.
I gave away a bunch of cool stuff.
I received a bunch of cool stuff.
I celebrated the birth of Christ with my family.
I failed to consume enough alcohol to make celebrating the birth of Christ with my family a painless event.
I constructed a computer out of components I got on sale at Fry's
I cussed Fry's up one side and down the other
I sent a Sex Pistols garment to a six month old baby
I wasn't investigated by DFACS
I celebrated the new year
I downloaded MediaMonkey
I failed to update this blog for damn near a month
When I did update, I didn't have much to say.

I'll do better this year.


bamf said...

okay computer boy, how do I post a picture in this comment space?

Mr. HTML illiterate

9:47 AM  

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