Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sexual Consent Forms

I found this video posted on boingboing yesterday. At first I laughed and then after a bit of thought I began to wonder if this really wasn't a bad idea after all. The title of the video is "Sexual Consent" and it features an atypical negotiation of pending sexual activities between a young couple.

It is probably safe for work.... unless you work at a school or perhaps, in downtown Gainesville GA where even the slightest mention of anything related to sex can drive the locals into a frenzy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, go get your lawyer!

A message from the offices of Groapum, Humpum & Runn, PA

5:05 PM  
BadAssMoFo said...

Thinking of the Puritan town of G-ville, where can I stock up on all of my occult needs these days? I understand the town fathers have deemed the square an inappropriate venue for these type wares. I guess my performance art piece, "Ouija Board of Obscenities," won't be received too well if I perform it there. I had planned to begin my performance atop the "sun" in the square.

Nude, of course.

7:48 PM  

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