Thursday, December 07, 2006

All I Want for Christmas Is A Velvet Underground LP...

this Velvet Underground LP. Damn, I thought I was king of the world last week when I found a Johnny Thunders bootleg for a buck!

It's a cool bootleg too. I bet I own more versions of "Too Much Junkie Business" than any other kid on my block!

So I got that going for me....

Update: Well, It sold for $155,401- well above my self imposed limit of fifteen bucks for used vinyl.


BaMf said...

Admit it, VU boy, you actually have, listen to and enjoy metal machine music, don't you?
If only we could get Bishop Pike and Lou Reed together....

10:06 PM  
BAmf said...

Current bid: US $155,301.00
No payments for up to 6 months ? Apply


End time: 5 hours 30 mins ( Dec-08-06 20:27:23 PST


5:58 PM  
bamf said...

Winning bid: US $155,401.00

sometimes I feel so happy
sometimes I feel so sad

7:50 AM  

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