Friday, August 04, 2006

Smells Like Free Chapel

I went to Books-A-Million In Gainesville Ga today as I needed a bookstore fix and this seems like the only game in town these days. As I was walking out I almost bumped into a family of four coming in. These guys were really white and really clean cut looking folks - like people out of an old Saturday Evening Post cover. I overheard the following bit of conversation:
" Hey, It smells like Free Chapel in here!"
" Yes Honey, It does smell like Free Chapel"

For the rest of the day I had the song in my head:

" Well the last church that we prayed in"
"Smelled a lot like Books-A-Million..."

Yes. It was stupid and contagious.
Thanks Nirvana.


bamf said...

I love the smell of free chapel in the morning....
It smells like......

8:20 AM  
bamf said...


8:21 AM  

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