Saturday, June 24, 2006

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

Les Blank is one of my heroes. My advice to you Dear Lurker, is simply this: See a Les Blank film. If you live near a college town, chances are good that one or two will turn up at an occasional documentary film festival. Some college libraries with decent film collections may have some of his movies available for private viewing as well. You can order them here of course, but if you found your way to this site and are still reading you are probably a personal friend of mine and none of my friends have the money to purchase movies site unseen off of the Internet. Cheap bastards - all of you!

Speaking of cheap, some fellow uploaded the entire film Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe to youtube. If you have the bandwidth and 20 minutes or so, You could be in for a real treat if you follow the link and check it out. It has been up for a while and I do not know if any copyrights are being violated here. I would have thought that it would have been yanked off of the site by now if Mr Blank knew about the posting and objected to the film being online for one and all to grab.

It is a great short documentary about dreams, courage and being true to your word and yourself as an artist - and it features a guy eating a shoe. The assistant cook in the film is Alice Waters and the magic ingredient is of course... Garlic.


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