Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Car So Nice I Bought It Twice

That is not bad trick photography my friend. I now own two teal green 1994 Ford Escort Wagons. The problem is that there is a broken piston in the first one. I took it to a shop where a mechanic estimated that I would be out around $2500 to replace the engine in the car - then a second mechanic comes up and says "you wont believe this but a guy came in yesterday for an oil change with an identical car for sale and he only wants $1500 for it". So they pulled his oil change records, gave me his phone number and after some brief haggling I bought the car. I am planning on stripping the busted one and storing all of the parts out back to use as spares - much to my wife's dismay. I had briefly toyed with the idea of trying to pull another 1.9 liter engine out of a junkyard in an attempt to create a fully redundant Escort but she nixed that idea quickly. I have another great vision of turning our front yard into something like this but I am keeping quiet about it ... for now.


badassmofo said...

anyhow, as discussed:
1: pinstripe/flamejob/skulls test vehicle (bonus points- freak out the neighbors, if that's still possible...)

2: the much talked about 5 cylinder gainesville mystery hosehead tour company. modify that sucker to become a roofless stadium seating tourbus, hitting all the sights in the poultry capital of the universe.

3: generic art car- pick a theme and run with it. that welder is just collecting dust in the garage-put it to good use.

4: guest room?

NOT for bamf and bamswmbo....

5:Put a trailer hitch on the running one, a tow bar on the donor, and always keep your spares nearby. I also think the visual would be stunning. OOH- OR... (the creative juices are really running now) make the towbar donor the micro R/V you and your lovely wife have always dreamed of. some curtains, a matress and a coleman stove. see America like the joads!!

choose, bsotd, choose wisely!!

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