Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robert Williams Rocks....and Rolls

Yep, I know. It ain't Robert Williams - but click on the above picture for a link to the funniest graphical renditions of the songs "Hot Rod Lincoln" and "Alley Oop" ever. I found this link while trying to get more info on the song by Charlie Ryan. I'll probably blog about him later- it all started last week when I went to Athens GA to shop for old records. At the Wuxtry, I struck gold - Chrome, Smoke and Fire, a collection of hot rod tunes compiled by Robert Williams. Now, just getting these tunes on a two disc set would be cool enough but there's more...picture discs! Each side features a beautiful painting of various hot rods, kustoms and classic cars by the man himself. A great find indeed. And speaking of Robert Williams, It is hard to believe that I posted this picture taken by Peter Mendenhall here almost a year ago. Damn, That is still a very cool photo.


badassmofo said...

alright! This is what I'm talking about- posts on a regular basis! yeah! my internet is really spotty this past week, pings send 0% to50% through, the comcast guy is going to be here Sat to cure my ills, hopefully. Anyhoo, thats why I haven't been looking around like i should. I'm listening to Billy Idol right now, and have decided that Blue Hwy. was an underrated song, but eyes without a face does indeed suck. That is all.

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