Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mo Midi ! Mo Midi ! Mo Midi !

Urgh, A Music War

One of the greatest concert films ever. Why? You may ask. Two words: Klaus Nomi. This post has nothing to do with him however. This post is all about the midi. Yesterday I posted a midi file based on a Gary Numan tune featured in the film. Today, I have another midi file based upon another song in the same film. Gary Numan sang about cars; these guys sang about an airplane.....


Gentlemen, Set us up the bomb.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oooh Another post so soon!!!!

Back when I starting tinkering around with websites and such, we didn't have fancy things like MP3 files and podcasting or whatever you kids are doing today. We had midi files.... AND WE LIKED THEM!!! "laugh while you can, monkey boy" to quote the ultimate John Lithgow villain. Laugh at primitive technology of the latter part of the twentieth century but feast your ears upon the awesome power of my mystery midi from the archives: MysteryMidi.

Let us see if badassmofo can post the title and artist of this lost classic....

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Ceiling Fan in the Music/Tiki Room And More

I am posting this due to the overwhelming demand for an update from the one reader of this blog. I have been very slack as to site upkeep these days. I was planning on writing a longer entry about my latest cool album find: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Yes, it is the ultimate psychedelic album in all of its 1968 vintage glory. I got it for a couple of bucks at a local comic book shop. I have been searching for it in junk shops all over Georgia for about 15 years. I know... I could have picked it up on eBay but where is the sport in that? At least one other person has been thinking about Mr. Brown lately - Ozzy Osbourne has a cover of "fire" on his latest all cover CD release. I have not heard the Ozzy version yet but I have always thought that this song must have been a big influence on him. Nice to see him remember this oft forgotten nugget.

In the spirit of Arthur Brown, here is a photograph of my ceiling fan. I got it for my birthday. I put it in the tiki/music room of course.

Are you happy badassmofo?