Monday, August 29, 2005

Rude Britannia, Britannia's Rude Place Names!!!

Yesterday Small Child and I took in The new animated feature Valiant at our local bijou. It's about birds not t he classic Plymouth Car. But it was a pretty good flick so I wasn't angry like that time I went to see Little Women (not one damned dwarf in the whole flick). The birds are messenger pigeons defending king and country in World War II.

"Rule Britannia" is featured in a small scene in the film. It is a fine traditional patriotic tune and I was reminded of it today and thought of the quaint places those pigeons fought to secure when I saw this list of rude place names in the UK posted of Fark:

100 Jeffries Passage, Surrey
99 Prince Albert Court, Surrey
98 Nork Rise, Surrey
97 Brown Willy, Cornwall
96 Great Tosson, Northumberland
95 Trump Street, London
94 St. Mellons, Cardiff
93 Percy Passage, London
92 Booty Lane, North Yorkshire
91 Nether Wallop, Hampshire
90 Honeypot Lane, Leicestershire
89 Mudchute, London
88 Juggs Close, East Sussex
87 Cockermouth Green, Newcastle
86 Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire
85 Cock and Bell Lane, Suffolk
84 Little Bushey Lane, Hertfordshire
83 Titlington Mount, Northumberland
82 Slippery Lane, Staffordshire
81 Hooker Road, Norwich
80 Cumloden Court, Dumfries and Galloway
79 Tinkerbush Lane, Oxfordshire
78 Ugley, Essex
77 Pratts Bottom, Kent
76 Ramsbottom Lane, Greater Manchester
75 Prickwillow, Cambridgeshire
74 Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire
73 Upper Dicker, East Sussex
72 Swell, Somerset
71 Bladda, Paisley
70 Snatchup, Hertfordshire
69 Spital in the Street, Lincolnshire
68 Shingay cum Wendy, Buckinghamshire
67 Pump Alley, Middlesex
66 Old Sodom Lane, Wiltshire
65 Long Lover Lane, Halifax
64 East Breast, Inverclyde
63 Dicks Mount, Suffolk
62 Staines , Surrey
61 Crapstone, Devon
60 Three Cocks, Powys
59 Feltwell, Norfolk
58 Pant, Shropshire
57 Balls Cross, West Sussex
56 Ogle Close, Merseyside
55 Friars Entry, Oxfordshire
54 North Piddle, Worcestershire
53 Mincing Lane, London
52 Bottoms Fold, Lancashire
51 Backside Lane, Oxfordshire
50 Winkle Street, Southampton
49 Wham Bottom Lane, Lancashire
48 Upperthong, West Yorkshire
47 Tosside, Lancashire
46 The Furry, Cornwall
45 Lower Swell, Gloucestershire
44 Lickers Lane, Merseyside
43 Honey Knob Hill, Wiltshire
42 Boghead, Ayrshire
41 The Bush, Buckinghamshire
40 Hill o'Many Stanes, Scotland
39 Grope Lane, Shropshire
38 Willey, Warwickshire
37 Happy Bottom, Dorset
36 Feltham Close, Hampshire
35 The Knob, Oxfordshire
34 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool
33 Titty Ho, Northamptonshire
32 Crotch Cresent, Oxfordshire
31 Blairmuckhole & Forestdyke road, Lanarkshire
30 Pant-y-Felin Road, Swansea
29 Beef Lane, Oxfordshire
28 Merkins Avenue, West Dumbartonshire
27 Pork Lane, Essex
26 Moisty Lane, Staffordshire
25 Wetwang, East Yorkshire
24 Scratchy Bottom, Dorset
23 Swallow Passage, London
22 Lickey End, Worcestershire
21 Bitchfield, Lincolnshire
20 Spanker Lane, Derbyshire
19 Rimswell, East Riding of Yorkshire
18 Lickfold, West Sussex
17 Dick Court, Lanarkshire
16 Beaver Close, Surrey
15 Fanny Avenue, Derbyshire
14 Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire
13 Inchinnan Drive, Renfrewshire
12 Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire
11 Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire,
10 Slag Lane, Merseyside
9 Shitterton, Dorset
8 Back Passage, London
7 Fingringhoe, Essex
6 Muff, Northern Ireland
5 Sandy Balls, Hampshire
4 Twatt, Orkney
3 Bell End, Birmingham
2 Minge Lane, Worcestershire
1 Cocks, Cornwall

My favorite is number 92, Booty Lane, North Yorkshire, I wonder if the residents there have any special plans for Talk Like a Pirate Day.......hmmmm, Booty.......

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Little Steven's Bestest Radio Show Evar!!!!

A long time ago I thought about changing my name to Little Stevie Shithead. Fortunately I didn't - Later, maturity prevailed and I decided finally on Babysitter Of The Damned but that's another story.

Anyway, this guy has the greatest syndicated radio show on today (aside from Dr Demento of course...) How can I make such a sweeping generalization? Easy, Last week he played NEW MUSIC FROM THE FLESHTONES!!!!! The shows are archived too. Check 'em out! My favorite cool feature on the official site is the Garage Rock Family Tree though.

BTW This guy also plays in a band with some Springsteen fellow- but don't ask him to play Sun city.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Send it up. Watch it rise. See it fall. Gravity's rainbow

I just finished reading this book and enjoyed it immensely. It is a rocking biography of the largely self-taught rocket scientist John Parsons who developed several fuel recipes, co-created the first JATO rockets, and dabbled in black magic before blowing himself up real good in his garage in 1952. Parsons was a member of Aleistar Crowley's crackpot religion and a roommate of L Ron Hubbard - who screwed Parsons over royally taking both his life savings and his girlfriend before fleeing the country by yacht ( thanks Jack!) and later starting his own crackpot religion, scientology. There are other interesting characters who pop up like sci-fi legend Forrest Ackerman and Robert Oppenheimer, who was working on some sort of bomb thingy at the same time our hero was working on jet propulsion. If you love mad scientists, You'll love this book.

P.S. Yep, The title of the post is from an old Laurie Anderson tune that you can barely remember about a novel you couldn't finish.

P.P.S. John Parsons has a crater named after him on the dark side of the moon. Heh heh, That record you remember but you were bloody stoned at the time....

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Godzilla tethered by nipple rings

On this anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing I post a photo of Godzilla with a snide subtitle about radiation on Flickr. It was a case of bad timing. Still, OMFG Godzilla is in Gainesville GA wearing nipple rings and tethered outside a gas station!!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bitching Movie Poster!

There is a huge version of this at the local theatre. When the film gets here I'll have to bring my lighter and do the "Ring of Fire" salute. I hope it is a well made movie. The Man in Black deserves a good biopic. (The meninblack, however, still monitor my phone line and put saltpeter in my breakfast cereal....Bastards, just wait til my research is complete. I'll show them all!!! Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!)