Saturday, April 30, 2005

Friday's Big Score

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Recycled CDs, a little slice of heaven in Gainesville GA. It looks like someone else was partying like it was 1985. And now it is my turn to crank up "Go" and dance around like Joan Cusack in "Sixteen Candles" This CD has everything Tones on Tail recorded, which wasn't much really, and some nifty liner notes.

I also found a used copy of the PowerPuff Girls DVD called "Meet The Beat Alls". This is the funniest parody of the Beatles since the Rutles (And I think there were a couple of these). Small Child loves the PowerPuff Girls, It is really for her I keep telling myself. My favorite part of this "Behind The Music" style episode is the introduction of Moko Jono, the girlfriend that fans blame for breaking up the band. This cartoon monkey screeches just like her real life counterpart Yoko Ono. Everyone who has heard the Plastic Ono Band live record knows exactly what I'm talking about. Funny stuff, indeed.

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Poor Yoko gets a lot of grief from comics, critics, and bastards like myself for that album but she was a groundbreaking artist in the early sixties and brought avant garde art to a much wider audience -for better or worse. You will not find many artists as brave as Yoko and I have a lot of respect for her... But Damn, Moko Jono is one funny screeching cartoon monkey!

On a semi-related note, I have to wonder what John Lennon would think of George W Bush's cover of "Imagine" mentioned in the previous post.

Bush, Beats and Bamboo Bikes

Or why I love Boing Boing. I go to this website almost daily and every time I find the most amazing links. I don't know how they do it. Earlier this week Boing Boing had posts concerning light bulbs made of cement and homemade theremins. I had thought about posting links to those as well but I didn't have the time. I don't like to be several days behind copying these guys. This morning I found two links I had to share.

The first link goes to a mix (A mash-up, I believe the kids today call it) of our fearless leader's speeches and popular tunes: Boing Boing Link #1 My favorite is the mix of John Lennon's "Imagine" and Lou Reed's "Walk On the Wild Side". Some others on the site include "Dick is a Killer" and a presidential rendering of "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

This mornings other link of note features a bicycle frame made out of bamboo, Boing Boing Link #2. The problem with the bike design seems to be that you have to have a composite frame to saw up for the joints. I'm hoping that Baddassmofo has an extra composite frame hanging around to give this a try.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big Crowd For Bike Race

Why would so many converge on downtown Gainesville on an overcast Saturday morning?
To see this guy of course:

Yep, Lance Armstrong came to town for his second Tour De Georgia. When he disappeared so did the crowd. Photos courtesy of Badassmofo

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Johnny Thunders And The Strangest Thing In My Pants

RIP Johnny Thunders
Hard to believe that Johnny Thunders has been dead 14 years and yet here we are. I clipped this obit out of The Atlanta Constitution, had it laminated at Oxford Books ( I worked there at the time) and It has been in my wallet ever since. That's right, this piece of paper has been UNDER MY ASS FOR FOURTEEN YEARS!!!!! Rest in Peace Johnny.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why April Fool's Day should be celebrated on 4:20

Image of Hitler in Jester Suit
Two reasons: Hitler's birthday and this whole stoner 4:20 nonsense that has been going on for a while. Actually there is a third reason, one of the dumbest political stories ever happened on April 20th 1979 and is of particular interest to Monty Python and The Holy Grail fans. Remember it? if not click here.
Well, I could talk about Hitler and dope all day but I have a meatloaf in the oven. So to be brief, Hitler was , at best, an asshole and at worst the epitome of evil in human form - but I like the image so on the website it goes. I found it in an early nineties book catalog called AMOK Fourth Dispatch from AMOK books in Los Angeles. I wish I knew more about the image. If there is ever an evil clown hall of fame ( and there should be) This would be hanging front and center. "Scarier than Hiltler in a clown suit" should be a phrase in everyone's lexicon.
Dope, I like better than Hitler but don't have much use for it. I haven't ingested any pot since a hash brownie in February of 1989. I don't miss it much; and I certainly don't miss the assholes who make a living off of it - but I wouldn't compare them to Hitler

To recap: just say no to Hitler.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Motorcycle Photo By Mark Adams

This is an older picture I found while looking for something completely unrelated to motorcycles or lesbians. Lesbians? Check out the sticker on the back helmet. The link goes to a larger version. This photo was taken by local artist Mark Adams. I'll try to get more of his work posted here in the future.
Oh, and another bit of wisdom found on this brain bucket is "Never Trust A Preacher With A Boner" - I'm just glad that I haven't seen that one on a child's helmet... Yet. Speaking of preachers and erections, Here is another link to Sister Louisa - in case you missed it last time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lou: Part Two

Here is the cover of the Creem magazine from the last post. The link goes to the Creem website. Now if I can only find my old copies of "Crawdaddy"....

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thirty Years Ago In Creem Magazine...

This nifty picture appeared in the March 1975 issue of Creem magazine. This issue also featured a verbal sparring match masquerading as an interview with the rock and roll animal in one corner and Lester Bangs in the other. This was reprinted in Bang's posthumous Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung ...but without the pic. Thirty years later and Lou is still here. Who would'a thunk it?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bend Over For The Lizard King.....

Ah Yes, Poetry. This ain't it folks. This is the first minute or so of Morrison's Lament - guaranteed to clear out any party or other social gathering when played. Recorded in 1968, this cut appeared on the Jimi Hendrix live bootleg album "Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead". It is the lizard king at his drunken worst. What was Hendrix thinking: "My God this man is a raving obnoxious drunk - QUICK SOMEBODY GIVE HIM A MICROPHONE!!!!" Click on the link below and grab the volume control, It gets ugly fast.

Morrison's Lament

Don't hate the messenger.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Portrait of The Artist Next To His Hot Rod

Yep, That is Robert Williams. The link goes to a larger copy. My friend Michael sent me this photo of Mr. Williams courtesy of his old college roommate Peter Mendenhall. Mr. Williams dropped by the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery way the Hell out in Pasadena. That is obviously too far for me to drive in the beater, but maybe I'll make the trip one day. The current exhibition looks like a blast. Robert Williams is probably best known as the man behind Juxtapoz Magazine these days but is well known in both Art and Hot Rod circles. It is an honor to house this pic on this site. Thanks guys.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

BoingBoing- The Zine

One of the more popular blogs focusing on fun and technology is . One of the more interesting things about this blog, to me at least, is that it was originally a zine back in the late 80's and early 90's. We didn't have blogs back then. Everyone kept their opinions to themselves and their trusted friends, families and co-workers - expect for fanboys and lunatics who turned to self published small magazines and newletters to inflict their views upon others. A lot of the earlier zines I remember concerned punk bands and socialist/anarchist politics. Yeah, most of them sucked - and by "them" I mean the zines... and the bands.... and the mushy-headed politics of pissed-off suburban teenagers.

I guess that the personal web site and now blogging has killed off the self-published zine community - for now. I thought that disco was dead in 1980 so I do not want to be too premature in burying the zine. Some trends are like slasher flick villains, even after they have been stabbed, shot, immolated and beheaded - they come back for one last attack during the feature and are always good for a sequel.

BoingBoing was one of the coolest zines of it's time and now it is a damned good blog. I check it several times a week and still have some old paper copies strewn about the house.

Friday, April 01, 2005

End Of The Century - Almost The End Of The Beater

The water pump and the timing belt both broke on the 94 Escort Wagon yesterday. Another $500.00 or so sunk into the beater - but it's paid for and doesn't attract attention from THE MAN and that's gotta be worth something. No money left for used cds this week. Anyway, badassmofo gave me the latest Ramones Documentary last week so I'll pontificate about that instead. It has Ramones concert footage so it kicks ass. Did anyone expect less? These guys were the greatest. If you didn't get to see them you missed out big time as they say. There will always be another flavor-of-the-month band or the ever elusive "the next Dylan" act but there will never be another rock band as influential, exciting or disfunctional as the Ramones.

You see it is the word "disfunctional" that makes that last statement a pretty safe bet. It is a testament to their love of what they were doing that they didn't kill each other before recording song one and yet they stayed at it for around 15 years or more. Johnny was a right-wing control freak; Joey was an obsessive compulsive liberal and Dee Dee was, in addition to being a junkie, Dee Dee. I can only hope that the beater sticks together for so long