Sunday, December 04, 2005

New links on the side

I have added three new links to the blogroll sidebar here.

The first is the Make magazine blog. I finally found a treeware copy of this mag at Mall of Georgia Borders store. It is one of the coolest quarterly mags I have seen in a while.

Next is This guy is a friend of Coop's and a garage sale aficionado and by garage sale, I mean stuff that used to actually belong in the garage.

Last but not least is Overheard in New York - For those times I need to be reminded that Hell is indeed other people and that the darkest layer in Hell involves public transportation.


badassmofo said...

okay- that Make magazine is pretty freakin' cool. I followed some links around the web, and am now thinking that Mr. Amos' advanced AV class is going to be making/using Steadicams. Very cool stuff.

5:47 PM  

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