Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mo Midi ! Mo Midi ! Mo Midi !

Urgh, A Music War

One of the greatest concert films ever. Why? You may ask. Two words: Klaus Nomi. This post has nothing to do with him however. This post is all about the midi. Yesterday I posted a midi file based on a Gary Numan tune featured in the film. Today, I have another midi file based upon another song in the same film. Gary Numan sang about cars; these guys sang about an airplane.....


Gentlemen, Set us up the bomb.


badassmofo said...

In the Pacific Theater during WWII, japanese subs were a formidible threat to allied ships. Though allied aircraft patrolled the shipping lanes, depth charges at the ready, the subs were able to ascend to periscope depth, sight in, and deliver death, destruction and dismemberment (doncha love alliteration!?) in the form of torpedoes. Allied ships took to painting false bow and secondary waves on their hull sides, thereby creating the illusion that they were travelling much faster than they actually were. Often, the enemies' torpedoes would then be misaimed and pass harmlessly across the ship's bows.
I'm pretty sure they tried the same thing with the Krauts in the Atlantic.
Your quest, Little Stevie Shithead,(or any others who frequent this most eloquent blog) is to tie the above factoid in with your current MIDI file. Good luck!

9:25 PM  
BSOTD said...

Norman Wilkinson was a pioneer in this type of camoflage. He coined the term "Dazzle Ships" to describe it. The band in question here used this as the title to their follow-up album to the one featuring this tune - as well as the cover art.

Obscurity is my middle name.

Little Stevie Obscurity Shithead

9:37 AM  
badassmofo said...

Damn, you good, you good!

7:23 PM  
BSOTD said...

Behold the power of google!!!!

7:27 PM  
badassmofo said...

tell you what- you find a MIDI file of where's capt. kirk or sign of the cross and i'll be mightily impressed. found something you might find interesting- i'll email it to you.

7:38 PM  

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