Monday, November 28, 2005

The Ceiling Fan in the Music/Tiki Room And More

I am posting this due to the overwhelming demand for an update from the one reader of this blog. I have been very slack as to site upkeep these days. I was planning on writing a longer entry about my latest cool album find: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Yes, it is the ultimate psychedelic album in all of its 1968 vintage glory. I got it for a couple of bucks at a local comic book shop. I have been searching for it in junk shops all over Georgia for about 15 years. I know... I could have picked it up on eBay but where is the sport in that? At least one other person has been thinking about Mr. Brown lately - Ozzy Osbourne has a cover of "fire" on his latest all cover CD release. I have not heard the Ozzy version yet but I have always thought that this song must have been a big influence on him. Nice to see him remember this oft forgotten nugget.

In the spirit of Arthur Brown, here is a photograph of my ceiling fan. I got it for my birthday. I put it in the tiki/music room of course.

Are you happy badassmofo?


badassmofo said...

aahhh, yeah!
just a post per calendar month- thats all i ask, and you were getting dangerously close to missing november altogether.

a moose once bit my sister.

moose bites can be very painful.

11:12 PM  

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