Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tucker, Whizzer, and Elvis

Here is a pic of the rare 1948 Tucker stored in the Stone Mountain antique auto museum. The museum is part of the Stone Mountain Park experience but admission to the museum itself is $7.00 . You have to be a fan of both old cars, bicycles and old mechanical devices such as Victrolas to appreciate this experience. The museum is small and filled with antiques selected to appeal to nostalgic gearheads. The fact that were only 51 ever manufactured makes the Tucker automobile the star of this show. Dozens of bicycles and old mopeds hang from the ceiling and line the walls. This one bears the unfortunate name of "Whizzer"

Because we are located in the deep south at a tourist attraction, you know this guy was bound to show up:

As the great Mojo Nixon once sang "Elvis is everywhere, Man"


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