Thursday, September 29, 2005

Because I'm White and Trashy

One of the fun things about having to clean up files on a corporate network is that you occasionally find something valuable in all of the crappy personal files, joke and chain emails, amateur porn and other non work related stuff that people save in their "personal folders". In this case I am probably the perpetrator (don't worry - it isn't from my amateur porn files) as I vaguely remember a coworker asking me about this song years ago. It is a homemade sound file of a woman extolling the virtues of being "white and trashy"

Here is the link:
White And Trashy

I wish I could give proper credit but I could not find any info about this. Someone at work said that she heard it on an Atlanta radio station called 99x. They were one of the first "alternative" commercial radio stations in the early nineties and I believe still have a similar format. I remember being impressed by their lunchtime retro shows as the DJ played the "Holiday In Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys once when I was tuned in.


Anonymous badassmofo said...

all i could think of while listening to this was

this is like the Appalachian version of The Normals.

yee ha- havin' me a champagne jam!

5:53 PM  
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