Saturday, July 16, 2005

And at a deadly pace, it came from outer space...

The latest documentary on DVD for those of us nostalgic for the late 70s is The Nomi Song.
I rented it from Netflix and it rocks. It is nice to see old Klaus again in all of his glory. Freddy Mercury must have been so jealous of this guy.... The first time I saw Klaus was on Saturday Night Live in 1979. He was a backup singer and dancer for David Bowie. This flick has some of the footage from that episode but not the song"Boys Keep Swinging" which was so freakish I remember it to this day. The first time I ever really heard Klaus Nomi was on the 1981 soundtrack to Urgh! A Music War . This movie, surprisingly, did not play at either of the two screens in Tifton Georgia where I was living at the time - one of the many reasons I left town (but not the reason I left under the cover of darkness).

Klaus Nomi's death in 1983 also marks the first celebrity casualty of AIDS whose name I knew.
I hope that this documentary will give him a measure of fame and respect that he missed in life.


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