Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fedora Core 4 rocks but lacks slack

If Fedora Core 4 included the Bob Dobbs screensaver from Slackware fame, it would be the best Linux distribution I've seen yet. Alas, poor Bob Dobbs If I only knew enough about Linux to steal you from Slackware and install you onto my new system ( Oh and run you from KDE without having to go to a command line...) Speaking of KDE, I am firmly in the KDE camp when it comes to KDE verses Gnome (Does anyone care anymore? I have been away from Slashdot for a while.)

Gnome kicks ass mind you and is still the default for the Fedora Core distribution. I remember the days when you had to install and configure X windows from scratch and woe be unto you if you did not know the EXACT specifications of your video card and monitor. Gnome is an excellent desktop and I can see why many folks would prefer it over KDE so I am not a crusader in the holy war. I just like a lot of the apps that are packaged with KDE such as KStars, a nifty desktop planetarium.

Next stop on the Linux bandwagon: TuxRacer!


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