Saturday, April 16, 2005

Motorcycle Photo By Mark Adams

This is an older picture I found while looking for something completely unrelated to motorcycles or lesbians. Lesbians? Check out the sticker on the back helmet. The link goes to a larger version. This photo was taken by local artist Mark Adams. I'll try to get more of his work posted here in the future.
Oh, and another bit of wisdom found on this brain bucket is "Never Trust A Preacher With A Boner" - I'm just glad that I haven't seen that one on a child's helmet... Yet. Speaking of preachers and erections, Here is another link to Sister Louisa - in case you missed it last time.


Olaf said...

Good ole Mark. His stuff is always good for a laugh, but there's a serious side too (somewhere).

3:01 PM  

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