Friday, April 01, 2005

End Of The Century - Almost The End Of The Beater

The water pump and the timing belt both broke on the 94 Escort Wagon yesterday. Another $500.00 or so sunk into the beater - but it's paid for and doesn't attract attention from THE MAN and that's gotta be worth something. No money left for used cds this week. Anyway, badassmofo gave me the latest Ramones Documentary last week so I'll pontificate about that instead. It has Ramones concert footage so it kicks ass. Did anyone expect less? These guys were the greatest. If you didn't get to see them you missed out big time as they say. There will always be another flavor-of-the-month band or the ever elusive "the next Dylan" act but there will never be another rock band as influential, exciting or disfunctional as the Ramones.

You see it is the word "disfunctional" that makes that last statement a pretty safe bet. It is a testament to their love of what they were doing that they didn't kill each other before recording song one and yet they stayed at it for around 15 years or more. Johnny was a right-wing control freak; Joey was an obsessive compulsive liberal and Dee Dee was, in addition to being a junkie, Dee Dee. I can only hope that the beater sticks together for so long


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