Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tiki Torch Nights in Atlanta

Last Saturday my junior college buddy,badassmofo, our long suffering spouses, and I made the pilgrimage to Trader Vic's in Atlanta to attend the monthly Tiki Torch Night. This month's Tiki Torch Night just happened to coincide with a rare visit from badassmofo - an avid tiki collector who had yet to make the trip to Atlanta's Trader Vic's.

We ate in the restaurant as every Trader Vic's visitor should do at least once. Also it seemed appropriate for this very special occasion as badassmofo doesn't come to the big city very much due to various other engagements and restraining orders. Dinner was expensive as usual but very tasty. The big dinner attraction is the smoked meats from the giant chinese wooden smoker ovens - basically very fancy bar-b-que but with neither conventional rub nor sauce. The smoky flavor is the main draw to the meat entrees. I had the chicken curry - I had never had eighteen dollar chicken curry before. It was very good and had every curry condiment in the book on the side.

The real action of any respectable tiki bar ( if there is a such animal) occurs closer to where the drinks are made rather than where the dinner is served. This is what Tiki Torch Night is about. The entertainment consisted of "Atlanta's only Exotica band" Tongo-Hiti and the Dames Aflame burlesque troupe. The band played very enjoyable hawaian pop standards like "Little Grass Shack" and and other "kinda- like Hawaiian" tunes such as "Talk dirty to me in Hawaiian"; but to me the high point of their set was a ukulele driven cover of ABBA's "Dancing Queen". Oh yeah, they also featured a grass skirted Monkeyzuma mixing drinks onstage during all of this. I can't really explain Monkeyzuma but she gave badassmofo a free banana - so she is cool with us.

Also in attendance were 'Weirdo Deluxe" author Matt Dukes Jordan who signed copies of his book and Sister Louisa who had several pieces of art displayed in the bar and in the restrooms. I would feel a little leery about buying art in a restroom but it worked for Marcel Duchamp.

Anyway, Tiki Torch Night was bitchin.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like yous guys had alotta fun. Glad to see BadAssMoFo finally made parole. Cheers, Otis T.

10:54 PM  

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