Saturday, March 12, 2005

This Weeks Big Score

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25th Anniversary!!!!!
OMFG I'M OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I found this friday at the local used CD store. Despite owning the album and the original CD, I had to break down and buy it for the extras. It comes with a second disc of 21 songs from the rehearsal sessions, most of which made it onto the album after a bit of polishing, and a 50 something minute DVD. Also there is a booklet included as well as the original liner notes. The sound quality of the second CD is about par with the average Johnny Thunders bootleg tape and doesn't really add much to the records legacy. But I love Johnny Thunders bootlegs so I am happy with it. Warning: If you remember when this album was released, The DVD will make you feel like you need to check into the nearest nursing home or at least purchase some Sans-A-Belt slacks and prune juice! 25 YEARS!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE!!!!


bad ass mofo said...

yo tequierro y finito
Yote querda, oh mi corazon

9:28 PM  

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