Sunday, March 20, 2005

03/18/2005 Two -In -One Recycled CD Big Score

Image of Husker Du's Everything Falls Apart And More Image of X's More Fun in The New World

Can you believe that somebody actully traded in these two cds? I can only hope that they were spare copies.

It seems like a lifetime ago, I bought the lp of More Fun In The New World the day it hit the record stores and played it non- stop until most of my friends were sick of it. Now I am going to do it all over again. I cant say enough good things about this record. This is X at their best - which means that this is rock at its best. This isn't hyperbole; I'm dead serious here.

The Husker Du record I never purchased before but those guys were all over college radio back then so I never had to wait for a Husker Du fix until either the eighties faded away or I sobered up -I can't remember which. Anyway, you never hear early Husker Du these days and it is a shame. Every now and then a "retro" or "Eighties" radio station will play "Makes No Sense at All" or "Could You Be The One" and those are great tunes -no argument from me on that - But this is the raw early stuff and if you haven't heard it in twenty years like me - It is refreshing indeed.


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